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I’m 28 years old and lucky enough to live alone in a relatively small, two bedroom home in a quiet little neighborhood. My parents actually own the house, I’m paying them rent to live there as I work on my master’s degree. For the most part, my life is very simple: I go to school, spend a lot of time studying, go to the climbing gym when I have time, and occasionally grab a beer or two with my classmates. I’ve been in this house for just over a year and a half, and like I said, the neighborhood is very quiet. Nicer houses, retired people, perfect for someone trying to focus on school work with minimal distraction.

Then few months ago, one of houses next door went up for sale and sold pretty quickly. A young couple around to my age with their two or three year old son moved in. We exchanged hellos as they unloaded the U-Haul, but otherwise had very little in the way of interaction. They seemed nice enough, kind of quiet, but friendly and polite. Scott and Claire are their names. I slowly got to know them over the course of a few neighborly exchanges. Turns out they moved from the other side of the country for Scott’s job, he’s a newly minted lawyer. Claire stays home with their son, but eventually wants to finish a teaching degree. On the surface, an exceedingly normal family.

Now it’s worth noting (especially for the purposes of this story) that Claire is an absolutely stunning redhead. She’s tall and thin with a few sexy mom-bod-type curves. Her face is covered in cute little freckles, and she has a very cute sort of Southeastern accent. Her hair is a darker shade of auburn that shines like fire in the sun. Usually she has it up in a ponytail. Perhaps best of all, she has a way of wearing very athletic tank tops and yoga pants. Needless to say, this was not lost on me, but hey, she’s a married woman with a kid, in my mind not worth spending too much time drooling over.

For a few weeks life carried on as normal. I busied myself with school as usual, occasionally waving to Scott or Claire if they happened to be outside when I got home. Late summer turned to early fall, and then I started noticing things. Sometimes at night I could hear the muffled sound of Scott yelling at Claire. Sometimes doors were slammed or soft ‘thuds’ could be heard. One night in October I arrived home late after a study session only to see Claire sitting on the front porch with her face buried in her hands crying. A few times, after arguing, Scott would hop into his truck and peel off into the night. I couldn’t help myself from watching and listening, and the more I did so, the more I began to suspect that Scott was the aggressor, and Claire was a sort of helpless victim.

As the fighting and arguing continued I began to have more interactions with Claire. I’d run into her on occasion while she was pushing her son on his bike around the block. I bumped into her once or twice at the grocery store. She always seemed happy to see me, beaming a big smile, and she would often linger on conversation until I said that I had to go. During our chats I became more and more aware of just how beautiful she was, and I in a subtle way started to notice a slightly flirty undertone to our interactions.

I went to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and it wasn’t long before finals were looming over my head. At the same time, winter was rearing its ugly head, and we got our first snowfall of the year. I didn’t hear as much fighting next door, but I noticed that Scott would often come home very late at night. Then one evening in early December there came a heavy knock at my door.

I was surprised to see Scott standing on my front porch, and my first reaction was that I had somehow done something to piss him off. Turned out that he was headed away to some lawyer conference for a week, and he just wanted to ask me just to keep an eye out for his family while he was away. That might sound silly, but there was a big snow storm looming a few days off, and from what I understood it sounded like they’d never really experienced anything like that back east. Of course I said I’d be happy to help if they needed anything. Scott thanked me, and that was that.

I became so absorbed in my preparation for finals that I pretty much forgot about Scott’s visit and my agreement to watch out for his family. And then the snow came. It dumped for a solid day and a half. In the end we were left with about 18 inches. I woke up early two mornings in a row to shovel both Claire’s driveway and my own, and also went over to check on them once to see if they needed anything from the store. Claire thanked me, but said that they were just fine. I considered my job as good as done.

That night we got hit hard with freezing rain. The combination of snow and freezing rain broke off huge tree limbs, turned roads into ice rinks, and also wiped out our power. Nothing is worse than a snowstorm without electricity (And thus heat), hot water, and of course internet, but this wasn’t a new thing, so I walked out to the garage and fired up the generator and space heater.

I was just sitting down to read a book when there was a much softer knock on my door. On my doorstep, shivering cold in a red down jacket and jeans was Claire.

“Umm Hi, everything okay?” I said as I opened the door and instinctively let her in.

“Look, sorry to barge in like this, but our house is absolutely freezing, “ She said, still shivering, her arms crossed across her chest, looking absolutely miserable. “I heard your generator…. And is there anyway my son and I can hang out over here until the power comes on?”

“Of course.” I said not even pausing to think, “Can I help you bring anything over?”

“Oh you’re so sweet!” She said, and then gave me a huge hug. “Let me just go get him, I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later, Claire knocked on the door again, this time, her son, Jeremy, was in her arms clutching a sippy cup wrapped up in a snowsuit onesie. I let them in and Jeremy said something cute like, “Mom, who’s that?” to which she replied something like “That’s the nice neighbor man who is going to let us warm up in his house.”

Before long everyone was comfortably inside. I made some tea for Claire and I, and stacked books with Jeremy on the floor. It was honestly the most fun that I’d had in a long time. Eventually Jeremy passed out on the floor, so I sat with Claire on the couch. She had shed her jacket and was wearing a surprisingly revealing white tank top, you can imagine how beautiful she looked.

We chatted quietly which Jeremy slept on the floor. We talked about school, her move out west, Christmas plans, and then totally out of nowhere she just broke into tears. I of course had no idea what to do, so I just rubbed her back and asked her (like an idiot) if everything was okay. She apologized through her sobs and then we sat in quiet for a few minutes as she cried. At last she gathered herself and wiped her tears away with her shirt.

“It’s just that,” she looked at me with a sort of weak smile, “It’s just that you’re being so nice to us, to me. Thank you.”

I don’t know why, but I completely lost it and broke out laughing, and then Claire broke out laughing. Jeremy stirred at our feet and she covered my mouth with her hand with a “shhhh”.

I held back my laughter and looked back at her. She pulled her hand away and then apologized for touching me.

“It’s okay,” I said, “It’s not like I was going to let you two freeze to death next door.”

“I know, I know,” Claire said, “Things have been kind of tough lately, so it was also nice to have such a pleasant conversation with you. I miss talking like that.” She looked suddenly sad and stared at Jeremy as he slept.

“I’m sorry to hear that, It sounds hard.” I said feeling really bad for her.

“Well I don’t think the power’s coming back on tonight. Do you?” She asked, looking at me once more.

“Oh its a mess out there, probably won’t be back on until tomorrow.”

“Well in that case, can we spend the night?”

“Of course, you guys can have the extra bedroom.” I said.

“That’s okay, we can just sleep on the couch, I don’t want to dirty any sheets.” said Claire.

“I insist,” I said, “besides, no one ever uses it anyways. You guys can have the space heater too.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Really.” I said.

“Thank you so much.” said Claire and then kissed me on the cheek.

I showed Claire the spare bedroom and then helped her carry Jeremy into the bed while trying not to wake him up. Once Jeremy was all tucked in and Claire had everything she needed, I went back to the couch to read. Claire was going in and out of the bathroom, and I assumed getting ready for bed, but then she came out into the main room and sat next to me on the couch once more. She had taken her hair out of the ponytail, and it was resting on one of her shoulders.

“Hey, I just wanted to say thank you once again.” She said softly, the tone of her voice was subtly different, almost curious.

“Don’t even mention it, I’m just glad you guys are safe and warm.” I looked at her, smiled, and then went back to my book.

Then she scooted closer to me. I sunk a little into the couch. Suddenly I could smell faint lavender or flowers. I looked up and she was no more than a foot away, just looking at me. I felt the slightest tingling in my pants.

“It’s not just letting us stay the night, but just for being a sweet guy.”

We sat there, looking at each other for a long moment. I could feel my dick growing harder, I wondered if she could see it in my face.

“Can I ask you a weird question?” She said, not breaking her stare, but shifting her weight a little.

I almost didn’t know what to say, but somehow I managed a, “Yes.”

“Do you think I am sexy?” As she said it, she lifted her hands to the straps of her tank top and pulled them down over her arms.

I stared at her beautiful, pale, perky breasts. Her areolas were pink and large, her nipples erect. My mouth might as well have fallen to the floor, but somehow I tried to remain logical.

“Look Claire, you are absolutely stunning, but I don’t think you want to do this. What about your husband? Your son?” I pleaded, still taking her in.

Claire didn’t move. “My husband?” she asked, “He’s far more interested in his secretary, he says pregnancy ruined my body. We haven’t had sex for nine months.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said not moving, not sure what to do.

“Don’t be sorry right now,” She said with a little fire in her voice, “I need this. Do you want me?”

I had to think for a second, but then the words came:“Yes, I want you.”

As soon as the words spilled out of my mouth Claire pushed herself on top of me. Our tongues danced around each other’s mouths in the most passionate making out I’ve ever experienced. One hand found her breast soft while my other grabbed her ass through her jeans. She moaned softly as my hands explored her body. I’ve never felt so wanted, so desired.

After a minute or two, she sat up. She straddling over my groin as she removed her tank top, letting her medium-sized breasts drop. She had the hungriest look in her eyes as she did it. Then Claire pulled my shirt off and kissed down my chest, undoing my belt and opening my pants as she went. She stared at my rock-hard cock as she pulled my pants off and then grabbed the shaft firmly.

Without hesitation she ran her tongue from the base of my cock up to the head where she swirled it around in a bead of pre-cum.

“Mmmm… you taste so good.” She said before going back to the head of my cock.

I could not take my eyes off of her. She started slow, using just her tongue, licking the tip. Then she wrapped her lips around and started sucking. First, just the head, her eyes going back from me, to my cock. Then she slid her lips up and down nearly the whole length.

Within a minute or two I was on the edge of blowing my load, and she could tell. She slowed down and teased the head of my cock with her tongue as if she could tell exactly how to keep me on the edge. I was in absolute agonizing paradise.

Before I lost control, Claire got off the couch and stood up. She tossed her hair back, turned around, bent over, and then slowly stepped out of her jeans revealing a plain pair of black panties. Without a word, she slid the panties down and then stepped out of them. She was completely shaved, save a tiny little red patch just above her pussy.

“Tell me how bad you want me.” She said, turning her hips to one side seductively.

“I want you so fucking bad.” I replied.

“Well come get me then.” She said as she turned and made of towards my bedroom.

I collected myself and flew after her. By the time I got to my room, Claire was already on the bed. Her red hair was flung out over my pillows. Her naked body a seemed even paler against my grey sheets. When she saw me, she slowly spread her legs and ran a finger down her thigh right to her visibly wet pussy.

I crawled onto the bed and found myself right between her legs. The smell of her was sweet and erotic. I kissed inside her thighs as she ran her fingers through my hair. I licked just outside her labia before finally putting my lips gently to her clitoris. Claire gasped and pushed my head against her pussy. My mouth was instantly soaked in her wetness. Following her cues, I gently circled her clit with my tongue as I teased the outside of her pussy with a finger. She started grinding her hips up into my face as I let my finger find its way inside of her. She was soaking wet.

She begged me not to stop as she approached a climax, but I decided to turn the tables on her, only slowing down enough to keep her right on the edge (like she did to me). Only she was far more in control. She pushed my mouth right into her clit and moaned deeply.

“Don’t you fucking stop.” She said through the moaning.

I looked up briefly to see her turning her head back and forth, pushing it back into the pillow. Her other hand was cupping one of her breasts. Not wanting to be too much of a tease, and feeling desperately horny, I circled her clit faster with my tongue, at times just barely touching it. After just a few seconds, her body broke out into a sort of rhythmic spasm as she climaxed.

“FUCK! Oh Fuck!” She whispered, holding back her voice.

I rested my chin on her belly as she basked in the afterglow of the orgasm. She was breathing fast, her body was so warm. It did not take long, however, for her to look down at me again.

“I need you to fuck me.” Claire said, running her hand along my neck. “Fuck me please.”

I got up to my knees. My cock was painfully hard, just inches away from her beautiful pussy. I felt like I was in a dream as I looked up at Claire. She was grinning, one of her fingers had wandered down and was making little circles over her clit. I slowly put the tip to her labia, and then gently thrush beyond. Claire let out a sweet little moan. I looked up and saw that her eyes were closed, she was still touching herself.

She was indescribably wet. So warm. Perfect in every way. I thrusted in slowly and then pulled out. The shaft of my cock came out glistening with her juices. She felt so damn good. I didn’t want to go too fast, knowing that I couldn’t possibly last much more than a few minutes, but then she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me back inside of her.

“Mmmm you feel so good. Please fuck me.” She said with pleading eyes.

I went to work. Slow at first, then getting into a faster rhythm. She rocked her hips back and forth as I thrusted. It felt overwhelming, like standing on the edge of a cliff without a rope. Claire rubbed herself faster and began moaning quietly once more. I could feel my orgasm coming and tried to focus on Claire to give myself a little more time.

“Cum inside of me” Claire said out of nowhere. She wasn’t asking, and I wasn’t about to object to her. Just as she started to climax again, I peaked out and couldn’t hold back any more. I pushed into her sopping wet pussy and emptied my load into her. She must have felt it because she just started rubbing her clit faster and faster. Seconds later she was spasming again in the same way as before.

I collapsed onto her. We laid there together for a few minutes recovering. No one said a word. Suddenly I started feeling incredibly guilty and very weird. I got back up to my knees and looked down at Claire. She looked so beautiful, so relaxed. Her pink pussy was glistening with my cum. She must have seen it on my face because she reached out and grabbed my hand.

“Don’t worry,” She said, “It’ll be our secret.”

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