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Something about a strip club and strippers that just drive me crazy, I know strippers are in it for the money which is fine but there is a certain something about the idea of a stripper to me which is almost like a forbidden fruit. You know you are not suppose to touch, let alone"bite" the fruit, but when and if you do for that small moment in time it's worth it until you get down from the high that is reality. To sum up sure it's not worth the money but if you are in it for the just the naughtiness factor in my opinion it is totally worth it.

Prelude: During my time as a bachelor I often used a website (still available right now not sure if I can link) to look at reviews of strips clubs in the various cities I would go to for my work trips. I was 23 at the time had a decently paying job and full of hormones that kept me crazy horny especially when I have a chance to get away and go to a strip club.

Though I loved the idea of strip clubs at a earlier age I was always nervous about going to them for some odd reason. Etiquette and the fear of any lawful situation always kept me very agitated when it came to the scene. One of my most memorable trips was to a strip club somewhere in Rhode Island. I distinctly remember it off a highway with pretty good parking but it was 10+ years ago so its a little hard to recall the exact club. As per any attendee of a strip club the usual, walk in, get a drink, go to the bar etc happens. I look around and definitely see some 7 to 8's walking around but nothing too crazy like a drop dead 10 which is fine.

Action Starts Here: So as I am eyeing down some potential dancers out of the corner of my eye a Brazilian woman with caramel skin comes and asks if I would like a dance. The woman was gorgeous but was a bit older for your typical stripper (think 30s to 40s) but very much had a similar look to a elderly version of this Brazilian Woman. She was a definite 8 very voluptuous but might had had a pair of bolt ons that were very well done. So she asks if I want dance and being the eager beaver I say sure. We get into the room and she says the pricing and time to which we agree with, as she starts taking off her top and grinding closer and closer which drove me to a point of intoxication with her smell and touch. The sensual feeling of her smooth soft skin against my hands sent me into a euphoric state. I was drunk on her and she instantly knew how I felt. She spent the first few minutes facing me and riding me so close I don't think I have ever had a dance like that.

She started getting extremely hands on with me, small things that I thought were not normal etiquette like biting my ear, shoving her nipple in my mouth and saying its alright to kiss or even suck if I want. I was in nirvana, all my goosebumps were at full attention and I didn't know how far to go. Right then, she says it is alright to touch me anywhere you want. My eyes lit up like a fat kid at a buffet! She slowly turned and now was not facing me (Classic Lapdance position), she had her ass in my crotch leaning back towards me so I started exploring her breasts, gently caressing her nipples while she seem to quite enjoy so I continued. As she was grinding on me with my hands on her breasts, stomach, and hips, she started to slowly explore her hands towards my crotch area and felt my extremely hard dick wanting to burst out of my pants. She slowly release the zipper but didn't not touch directly. She simply kept it wrapped around my boxers stroking it in the same motion of grinding her ass into my person.

She stopped, had I gone too far? Did I do something wrong? No. She had a devilish grin and got down on her knees and push my pants to the floor. She freed my member from his entrapment and started giving it slow kisses left and right, I quickly panicked as I mentioned in the prelude my nervousness got the best of me and told her to sit back down on my lap. She took that as a invitation to take off her panties and there I saw the promise land. The most fluffiest, succulent pussy I have ever seen in my life. (If i had to show a picture of it I would say this best depicted it NSFW Juicy Pussy Pic. I love eating pussy and if I wasn't such a nervous wreck I would have propositioned for it though my common sense would have stopped me way before my nervousness would).

So there she was back on my lap 100% naked grinding all over me with my dick still out. I am sure if I could have done something very stupid and crazy that I would have regretted as well but I thought let me have a little fun if she would allow and I continued to touch her as she grinded me like crazy.

I explored her body and asked if I could touch that juicy pussy to which she replied of course. Jackpot, if there is anything I love, its making a woman feel great, I love the power it gives me and the pleasure it gives her. I prefer that much over than satisfying my self tho I do love that just as equally.

So here I am, rubbing a stripper's juicy pussy I just met about 15 minutes ago and I am in heaven. The scent of her perfume in my bloodstream, her lips are gently sucking on my left hand, while she lays there naked on my fully exposed crotch with my right hand rubbing and fingering her pussy. My life was simply complete (from a horny 23yr perspective). I kept on rubbing her fat pussy, her juices were now all over my crotch and what I know now as grool was starting to form all over my hand, and around my pants. I don't know how I exercised any self control but I felt as if I was in a dream. (I started to feel like life isn't real, it was no way to describe it besides magic. I love that moment in time where I was just finger blasting a stripper haha).

I continued to rub her for the next ten minutes and she continued to go crazy and spill her juices everywhere all over my exposed crotch (at this point I wasn't really knowing much on if this posed any safety risk). I simply wanted her to feel good, I wanted her to cum no matter what it took, no matter how much she charged me, I wanted her to cum all over my hand and my crotch. So I started to go in deep with my 2 middle fingers and do a circular motion on the upper side of her cervix as I hear that is a womans G-Spot(first time) which drove her wild. My fingers were now covered in a good amount of grool and I could feel her about to cum. She started to buck like a raging bull and then kissed me as she was cumming hard with my 2 fingers still inside her, driving her wild.

It was over, the deed was done. I was covered in juices, she was drowning in pleasure and all was right in the world. I looked at my hand and she slowly brought up my hand and started licking it clean. I threw caution to the wind and did the same and it was like tasting heaven. It was a little sweet, a little salty, and a little dirty, just how I liked it. I Rubbed her a bit more just to say good by, kissed her really hard and sucked on her tits one last time and parted ways. I truly felt on top of the world but also a little ashamed that this just happened to a random person I met only 40 minutes prior haha.

The End

P.S. I have a few more stories if people are interested.
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