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So that night finished and I snuck out in the morning, making sure not to disturb anyone. By the time I got home I had a message from her saying "okay I won't lie, last night was amazing, but it can NEVER happen again" followed by a second text saying "I still hate you". That's fine I thought to myself, I got everything I wanted and it sounded so flirty so I didn't think she was serious.

A few months pass and I'm at work (I'm the sales manager at a car dealership) and she walks in. Her face when she saw me was a picture. I approached her professionally, as hard as that was with the images running through my head, asking if I could help with anything. Surprisingly, she acted normal with me, despite doing so reluctantly. We went through the formalities and she couldn't make a decision, so I tried my luck and asked if she wanted to discuss it more outside of work. To my surprise, again, she said yes and we arranged to meet for a drink later that night. What I have come to learn through my experiences with women is that a lot of the time, if you give them great sex and they haven't had it since, they won't be able to resist not doing it with you again.

I'll skip the small talk and get to the key point of the story. We ended up at her place, and again her sister was home. She text her sister saying "with that guy again" - it's such an ego boost being referred to like that I can't even explain, just the fact they have clearly spoke about it was such a turn on, if only her sister knew who it was.

The sex lasted longer this time, and again she was so loud. She loved being fucked and I made sure to oblige. We were both sober this time, but for some reason it was even more wild than last time. She had a big desk in the corner of the room. I bent her over the end of it and fucked her doggystyle. The desk was a bit uneven and crashed against the wall with every thrust, this combined with her screams made quite the racket for her sister next door, I'm sure. (just in case this confuses anyone I'm gonna quickly explain here, she lived with her sister and one other girl who was rarely there, they lived there for uni and just continued living together after graduation).

I still hadn't came, I was very proud of myself considering how quick I did last time. She noticed this and said "your turn" and pushed me onto the bed about to go cowgirl again, a position she was just incredible in. But instead I told her to get in the shower and warm up the water. I've always fantasized about doing it in the shower and this was my chance. This excited her and a few moments later she peaked around the door frame and motioned that she was ready.

I picked her up in my arms and pressed her against the wall, her legs wrapped around my body. The steam from the shower made this so exciting. It took a while to get into a rhythm as it's quite an unusual position, but after a minute or so we were in sync and she somehow managed to do a twerk like motion - her dance background coming in amazing yet again - as her tits bounced in my face. I really didn't have to do much, she took control. She could see I was ready to cum and quickly removed by cock and got down on her knees to blow me. I finished in her mouth and then we proceeded to wash each other off.

Before she could even think about having a go at me again, I asked her the question "so why do you actually hate me". She explained that it was because of what her sister told her (I'm not going to go into details about why we fell out). I talked her through my side and explained that all of our mutual friends are on my side and she fell out with them too. She was shocked at the information I told her and began apologising. I told her not to worry and we put on a movie, Collateral (the Tom Cruise film). Throughout the film we spoke about loads of stuff and actually became quite good friends. She told me how her sister had fucked my cousin a few times and how she was a big slut , something I already knew but the fact that she told me confirmed that she was on 'my side'. We then went to sleep.

Bit of a detour, but the reason I knew she was a slut was because of one night where I stayed at her house after a gig we went to. I was in a relationship at the time so nothing happened, but she really tried. I stayed on the sofa but she kept asking me to get into bed with her because I was cold. She said I couldn't wear clothes in the bed, only underwear, and I played along cus I was enjoying it, not gonna lie. We watched a movie and she rested her head on my shoulder, with her hand on my stomach, slowly moving down over the course of an hour or so to my lower abs where she kept playing with the waistband of my underwear. Throughout the film she was saying how I'm on her down to fuck list and how she bets I've got a big dick. She kept complimenting my six pack and saying I've got a great bum. I was rock hard at this point. All of a sudden she went to far and touched my dick, realising it was as hard as iron she went wide eyed. This girl was so cock hungry. I quickly shut it down and went back on the sofa, blue balled to fuck. She text me the next day saying she apologises for her pillow talk and she didn't mean it. But after finding out she did the same to my cousin, I know she did.

Anyway, back to the story. Instead of leaving this time, I decided to be a gent and get up and make her breakfast. I went to the kitchen in just my underwear and started chopping some mushrooms. Then out of the room comes her sister, in just an oversized button down shirt. She must have not realised anyone else was in the house. When she saw me she was shocked and I could see the realisation on her face and she got to grips with the situation. She marched towards me and looked like she was going to slap me. But she was so small she had to come right up to me in order to do so. At this point my dick was rock hard again and it pressed against her. And there was that look again, she went wide eyed. This girl was so cock hungry. She hesitated for a moment as if trying to fight her it. She looked down once more and I think I heard her whisper "fuck it" or "finally" but I can't be sure. She quickly dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock, she looked up at me and smirked and simply said "I was right", this in itself nearly made me cum, I can't handle it when girls compliment me like that.

I honestly couldn't believe what was going on. Since she already 'hated' me, I decided to intensify things a bit. I said "your sister is better at that", this pissed her off. She grabbed me by the dick and marched me over to a beanbag that was in the corner. It hurt quite a bit but I didn't mind, her determination was so hot. She began going to town on me, using a little bit of teeth and she swallowed my whole cock, something her sister couldn't quite manage, my whole body was trembling. I was shocked considering how small she is. She then began giving me a vigorous handjob, it was incredible. She looked me in the eyes and saw I was about to cum and said "is your big dick gonna cum for me like your cousin did", I tried to resist but couldn't and let out a loud moan as she put my dick back in her mouth just as I came. She then walked off and said "finish making her breakfast" and went back in her room. I tried to be in control but couldn't, she was too much for me to handle.

I finished the breakfast and gave it to her and then left. As I arrived home I got the same text from both of them, "sisters talk you know" I am kind of friends with them both now and still to this day have no idea what that means. All that has happened since is I went clubbing with the younger sister and she was twerking on my dick through my jeans (she does this to a lot of guys in the club) and I came a little bit as it brought back hot memories, plus she is insane at twerking (look up Nastya Nass, that's her skill level). Other than that though, nothing has happened since and it almost certainly won't again but damn, I wish I could have a threesome (I'm greedy lol).

This story might sound good for me, but damn, all I can think about is them now and I doubt I'll ever experience anything like this again, so who is the true winners?

I wish I could write more stories but that's literally all I've got, I'm boring other than this. I still can't believe what happened.

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