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Greta, I'm not sure I should tell you how much time I spend watching your stripper gif and wishing that was me. My wife and her girlfriends attend male stripper shows and once when I picked them up from the club afterwards as their DD, one of the girls came to the car before the others. She was clearly drunk and giddy from the experience. Anyway, she told me my wife had won a drawing to oil the all of strippers down. She told me my wife oiled their erections on stage in front of everyone! I was in a subspace state of mind, not that my wife and I ever got there, but I'm hoping one day. So I just blurted out without thinking that I wish that I could have helped her. My wife's friend got quiet and said, omg, you liked cock, don't you? I answered a quiet yes. She than began to dish details of size and inches, cut and uncut, and told me my wife stroked all of them at one time or another during the night. I said I wished that I could go with you guys to male reviews. She giggled and said only girls can go. I turned to look at her and said, I want to be a gurl so I can go with all of you and have fun and talk about boys and laugh. She added, you want to touch their cocks don't you? Yes. You do know they come around to each girl and wrap a towel around them so the girls can kiss it privately if they'd like. Would you kiss one? Yes. We could teach you how to suck cock, she giggles. I would love that! We were now talking freely, it felt amazing! She laughed and asked if I want to swallow...I answered, yes, more than anything. We heard yelling and laughing as the rest arrived. They piled in and we all drove home. Susan, my wife's friend whom I confessed to would always find me at parties or get togethers and she always asked how was I doing. I could always talk penis with her. She teased that she would be my lookout if I ever found a guy to suck off. She also teased that he would likely bend me over and fuck me, and that she would be there to make sure he didn't get too rough. Over time we ended up looking at her Playgirls together and talked penis when we could. I just love the length of his shaft and wish that was my face feeling his warm cum and the feel of his magnificent cock on my face. His shaft is so long...goodness, I wonder how it would feel sliding inside me. I want him unprotected inside me, to feel his seed release deep inside me. Gosh, my little guy is super pink and needs some relief ;)
Pegging, femdom cuckold
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